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Google and Facebook ad revenue 2011

Wordstream posted a great info-graphic illustrating which industries had the highest ad spend on Google for 2011.

What Industries Contributed to Google's Billion in Revenues? [INFOGRAPHIC]

© WordStream, Provider of AdWords solutions.

Google’s ad revenue for 2011 was 37.9 billion compared to Facebook’s 4.27 billion (as estimated by research firm eMarketerr)

The Slide share presentation (below) reports on Facebook ads pends for Facebook in Q2 2011. It shows (on page 6) that the Top 6 growing sectors on Facebook are:

  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Internet and Telecom
  • Jobs and Education’
  • Directories
  • Food and Drink

Microsoft enters the Google Cloud

Well this is some good news to end the week!

Google announced this week that Google Apps users can now transfer Microsoft Office files into the Google Cloud AND you can share and edit your Microsoft docs in real time. Now, if you are not a Google Docs user then you are probably wandering what the fuss is all about. Basically, what this means is that you can now sync your Microsoft documents (excel, word & power point) so that other collaborators (that you have granted access to) can work on the same Microsoft document at the same time! It also means that you can access your Microsoft documents anywhere, any time from any computer.

Google first announced this feature last year but as of this week it is now out of beta and available for all to use.

Prior to this update, if you wanted to share a Microsoft document via your Google Docs account you had to upload the document (this is boring and takes time) and once uploaded you would lose 80% of the editing and formatting functions that are available within Microsoft programs. These two problems made the system of sharing existing Microsoft documents via the Google cloud kinda clunky and not so effective.

This technology (known as cloud computing) has been available for quite some time and Google is not the only provider. The beauty of this recent update is that I don’t need to leave my Google Apps account to store, edit and share Microsoft Docs AND I can retain the formatting and editing function offered within the Microsoft programs. Thank you Google and Microsoft.

I have been using Google Apps for the last four years and they are constantly releasing new updates but today’s news is definitely up there with the best updates of all time.

Google PPC ads on the bottom of the page

Recently I have noticed more Pay Per Click ads appearing at the bottom of the search results page. Also, in recent news Google has announced new sponsored map ads.

The PPC ads appearing at the bottom of the search results may be an insight of future changes to the layout of the Google search results page.

New Advertising Options for Google Maps

Google has launched a new Google Advertising option for local maps called ‘boost’. These ‘boost’ advertisements will contain basic location/contact information along with customer focused information such as reviews & star ratings along with a special map marker.

The concept behind ‘boost’, according to Google’s  Long Lat Blog is that small businesses will be able to run their own advertising without having to worry about complex Adwords strategies and bidding.

Screenshot of Google Bost - Sponsored Google Map Ads

Like any good business, Google strives to remove all obstacles between the customer and the sale. In this case the obstacle is the knowledge and time needed to have a successful Adwords campaign & marketing consultants.

Once the ad has been set up there is no ongoing management needed. Really Google, you mean you just want me to give you my credit card and then forget about it?! How out of character.

It sounds nice and easy – but what happens when there are 10 Thai Restaurants in Brisbane CBD, all paying to appear for a Google Maps result? The logical answer is that Google will serve the advertisement that a) has available budget b) is most relevant to the search term. How does 1 Thai Restaurant on the same street be more “relevant”… = welcome back to the SEO middle wo/man.

The irony is that as these ads become more accessible to small businesses more and more people will sign up for ads making it even more competitive.

The new platform is currently in beta and is only available to select businesses in San Francisco, Houston and Chicago.

Google Boost is in addition to the Google Tags feature (also introduced in 2010).

PS – Bye Bye Yahoo Search Monkey, hello Google Boost.


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