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Google PPC ads on the bottom of the page

Recently I have noticed more Pay Per Click ads appearing at the bottom of the search results page. Also, in recent news Google has announced new sponsored map ads.

The PPC ads appearing at the bottom of the search results may be an insight of future changes to the layout of the Google search results page.

Everybody is a guru – nobody an expert!

Tonight I took a little Google around online marketing services that are available on the Sunshine Coast. I was surprised to see the number of agencies that offer Google AdWords services that do not have any official accreditation with Google.

What is the value of Google accreditation? yes, I know we can all open our own account with Google AdWords, enter a credit card number and press Go! But does that qualify you to onsell your services to businesses that need assistance? That would be the same as offering your services as a music teacher because you watch a few YouTube Videos and taught your self the major scales.

As I am totally captivated by infographs I made a simple pie chat of my observations concerning Google AdWords Consultants on the Sunshine Coast.

Where is my proof?

Well, here is a link to the two AdWords Agencies Accredited on the Sunshine Coast and here is a link to the search I performed to view agencies offering AdWords services on the Sunshine Coast


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