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If web browsers were celebrities – Infograph


“I love infographs!” This is much to the dismay of my friends who think that this is possibly the most geek-iest statement that anybody could make. I try to explain that “data is the new soil’, but they don’t blink an eye. Perhaps if I had a sexy British accent and smart looking square glasses likes infograph superhero David McCandless my love for infographs may be given more talk time when I am out for dinner.

Here is a great Infograph that likens web browsers to celebrities. View the original infograph here.




Peregian Accounting Service

I just came back from a great meeting with Geoff Wallis from Peregian Accounting Services Adaptive Accounting – based in Peregain Square.

I knew I was on a good thing when I opened the door & heard Led Zeppelin – how refreshing! Besides the music, when it came to talking about my business Geoff was so helpful and knowledgeable.  I am actually relieved that I have found an an expert accountant who is affordable, accessible and also a really nice person. Already I can see that my time spent with Geoff will result in positive changes to my business.

His business card sums it up “Not All Accountants Are the Same”

Two coffees and three friends later I am learning that he is appreciated for his honesty, intelligence by many other locals too.

2 thumbs up from me!

2 thumbs up for peregian beach accountant geoff wallis


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